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Are you newly-wedded? Whoosh your partner!

Planning to get married? Rant and rave a ride on road? Now that you are determined to blow away your dear one with calmness and sand dunes. Check out the love entangling places that are listed underneath.



“In life, it’s not where you go, It’s who you travel with” -Charles Schulz

Plan your trip in the month of November – February for a long road trip with your pal. The places to explore here are for Boating and sightseeing, adventure aficionados. The thrilling experience circles you with complete love.

This eerie hill is located in the Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. Yelagiri is the best tourist spot near Chennai that stands as a real threat to your eyes and mind. The pleasant cascading walk holding your partner's hands on the banks of the majestic Jalagamparai Falls. The most well-known landmark artificial lake-cum-park in Punganoor attracts tourists for boating. It is a MUST visit place.


This is the best place to enjoy as a couple or as a family. The location of yercaud is Salem district of Tamil Nadu. The undulating green covering plugs the heart to a pleasant mind. The greener picturesque attracts all to visit the place again and again. The places that mesmerize every other tourist are Kiliyur Waterfalls, Lady’s Seat, Silk Farm, and Rose Garden, Deer Park, Bears Cave, Attached Teak Forest, and Anna Park. The vivid greens and Boise forests stun many travelers. Relish your upturned tiredness to a brush and fresh time by visiting the most memorable place near Chennai

This is the best trekking and camping place for trekkers. The best time visit is October – June. It is 358 km from Chennai.



Its ancient archaeological wonders are listed as the World Heritage Site. It is otherwise said as Mamallapuram or “Mahabs”. Just a happy-go-lucky town which the travelers flock the most. The flatulent shore temple is the most remarkable and eye-catching spot on the water edge. Mahabalipuram will be notorious for its Five Rathas that has the sculptured temples in the shape of chariots and the Arjun’s Penance with huge carvings on a rock depicting scenes from the Mahabharata.

The other places to visit are Krishna Mandapa, Trimurti Cave Temple, Ganesh Ratha and Draupadi Ratha, Sculpture museum, etc for its paintings and sculptures. The best time to visit here is December – March. The resorts over here are completely booked all the time. Rush to pick up your ticket for your lovely site.

Dakshina Chitra

Head on through the East Coast road on your journey to Kovalam you will notice this marvelous place that is very creative. This stands as a museum pinning down our country’s tradition from all over South India. The portrait of a different culture is represented over here in the different section of the house and exhibits according to the lifestyle of the community. The museum is formed since December 1996 by Madras Craft Foundation promoting activities and workshops to the travelers and visitors. There are handicrafts available for shopping.

Is it located in the interior areas? No! You can reach easily as you drive. The entry fee is Rs. 100 for Indians; Rs. 250 for foreigners. Students have got special discount offers. The museum is open on all days except Tuesdays and Diwali. The timings of open hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.



The temple city that is famous for ‘silk’. When we think of Kanchipuram we get two things in mind

  • Silk City
  • Kamakshi Amman Temple

The city is also said as ‘Weaver’s City’. The tradition, custom, religious methods all are customized in the saree simply as the design that shimmers many foreigners and motivates them to buy more collections. The recent trend in foreign countries has moved on to Pattu saree for wedding ceremonies. The best season to visit here is September – March.

OH please, what do I need to do before I start a trip? Very simple... Get ready with your backpacks refine your car with our service in a wise manner. Check your start and move on for the mind-blowing trip!

The other places which you need to visit around Chennai are The Farm, for the best natural food preparations that retires your fresh health. Pondy, the most renowned place for tax-free items and other alcoholic beverages, this is very close to Madras. This long trip revamps your sad mind to a ‘GOOFY’ environment. Let your pal get locked and hooked in your love vicious! Make your days more memorable and safe.....